Welton Media is one of Liverpool's leading video production agencies with the ability to tell a story through creativity and originality.  We provide a complete integrated video production service from idea to delivery.

Whether it be online video advertising or a company promotional film, video marketing is where your budget should be being used.  Having video on your website and viral social media, has 80% more impact than a company or product blurb.

Our experienced team of creative filmmakers will produce content which can be used across a variety of different platforms, giving excellent service and value added results for the price paid.   

Our prices include all creative process from the brief, script writing, scheduling and post production.  There are no hidden costs with Welton Media, you get amazing value for your end product.

On the Move...

We love being creative and excellent marketing and filmaking should not cost you more.  At Welton Media unique shots come as part of the package, not as an added extra.

Promotional videos and their use online are ever evolving so movement is a neccesity to capture your story in its entirety, enhancing your image, ensuring you get effective output from your video marketing strategy. 

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On the move filming

Flying High...

The world of creative video production has really conquered the idea of using drones, with a lot of businesses using them to gain aerial shots. They have a certain quality of awe about them which forces the viewer to have their attention captivated, it can give your film a complete new look and depth. 

Our drones are able to fly into areas that were once not possible. They can fly from only a few centimetres off the ground to 400 feet in the air as one long continuous shot, it shows your business or product in a whole new light.  We are fully CAA licensed.

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Get in touch to see how this can benefit your next project.

On the move filming

“Stu and his team have provided invaluable expertise. This has helped us to develop a national profile and showcase our work to a wide audience.”
Clare Baguley, Psychological Professions Network

“Welton Media are fantastic to work with. They made the filming process run smoothly and efficiently. The quality of their client care and post-filming support was impeccable.”
Faith Cobaine, IPAF

“We are always happy to have Welton Media working for us. It's great to have a partnership with such a positive and, supportive team who we enjoy working with.”
Jim Kendall,  Unite the Union

“The enthusiasm and passion Welton Media give to the projects they have worked on with Sefton is amazing. We have used them over the last few years and each project has been a success!”
Richard Potts, Aiming High Short Breaks for Children

“Thank you very much for the video. You have all worked extrememly hard to give us a video that we will be proud to show at the event. If we could give you an Oscar we would!”
Linda Stone, Brathay

“I’m always impressed by how Stuart can make even the most camera-shy person feel comfortable being filmed. He has a clear vision of what he needs and is firm and focused.”
Cath Logan, Brightlife 

“I’m pleased with the way all this has gone, so I just wanted to say thank you. I can really see this being a long term relationship as there is so much that I want to do with video next.”
Lewis Bailey Fitness

“The video that you have produced for us is ‘bang on’!,  I would recommend Welton Media to anyone who wants to enhance their company profile and their communication with clients.”
James Firth, Firth Steels

“Having watched the video for ‘The Green Dreams Project’ I would like to thank the team at Welton Media.  I am most impressed with how it captures the project.”
James Fleming, GP, NHS East Lancashire CCG

This DVD has gone down a storm. Video is a tool that we want touse on a wider scale in the future and Welton Media will always be there to assist us.
Jim Kendall, RSA

“Welton Media are a 100% professional service that has the vision to turn your ideas into reality. They say that a picture is a 1000 words - their video service is priceless.”
Stuart Walsh, Gripeeze

“We are always very comfortable in the knowledge that we are in good hands with Welton Media. The end result was a massive success and we will definitely be using them again.”
Vicki Rutland, Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre