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Buildbeyond: how MGF naviagates the world of construction


The brief...

MGF delivers comprehensive temporary works solutions for excavations and above ground structural support with technical excellence.  They have over 40 years of specialist manufacturing experience and an absolute commitment to seamless service delivery. With this in mind, they were not telling their customers about all of the great, innovative work that goes on behind the scenes to show why they are industry leaders. We suggested that a series of podcasts with directors and specialists would be the ideal way to promote all of their products and their unique way of working.

MGF jumped at this opportunity but didn’t know anything about producing a podcast series and thought it would be a time-consuming task. That’s where we came in. 


The challenge...

MGF was unsure where to begin,  we were there to guide them every step of the way to create a podcast. We have worked with MGF on video and graphics projects before but this would be new territory for them. Also, it is often quite hard to pin down people at MGF due to their very busy workload. We worked directly with the MGF marketing team to show them the general format of a single episode, this allowed them to see the process of how it would be created.  They were delighted with this test!

We advised to record more than one episode at a time so that we could record 5 or 6 episodes in one day where people just came in to be interviewed each hour on their chosen topic.  We already had our presenter ready so all we needed were the questions and introductions for each guest.

We would now have every element we needed to create the series.  The marketing department had a clear understanding as to how each episode would flow so they could now clearly write each introduction to the chosen subject and also compose the questions relevant to get an interesting response from those being interviewed.  It is a real art to be able to interview so that the outcome feels like a conversation rather than the interview it was originally.


The delivery...

Both MGF and ourselves are extremely pleased with the result of the MGF podcasts. In each episode, the specialists and directors spoke in depth about their equipment, case studies, and more. It allows them to share their specialist manufacturing experiences whilst also promoting the excavation and structural support products and processes MGF offer. 


“The Welton team is full of energy, enthusiasm, and endless ideas, even pushing our usual boundaries to ensure we get the maximum potential from any work carried out.

I would highly recommend Welton Media to any business that outsources all marketing or wants someone to work alongside and complement an existing team.”

Marc Lord, National Operations Manager MGF