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addvanced solutions design


The brief...

The CIC originated in Liverpool as a standalone offering and then grew to operate in six councils in the North West.  We were tasked to rebrand the CIC using colours of the old logo and brand guidelines to come up with a new concept that reflected their new offerings and design all aspects of the business, leaflets, course handouts, invoices, email signatures, the website, staff name badges, gazebos, and pull-ups.  They needed it all designed, project managed, and printed, so Addvanced could concentrate on doing what they do best in supporting families.


The challenge...

Addvanced Solutions CIC is fast growing and needs design work turning around quickly.  We worked collaboratively with their senior management to come up with an initial concept, with very few tweaks, we were able to go away and plan for their whole portfolio of marketing needs.

Working with many different companies making bespoke resources; pens, stress balls, gazebos, pull-ups, and trolley coins; to name a few, we had to use different templates for each.  Having an amazing graphic design team here, however, just made it more interesting and they rose to the challenge.


The delivery...

Everything across the company is now uniform.  If you are accessing their services in Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, Liverpool, or Warrington, you know you are in the safe hands of Addvanced Solutions CIC because everything you are given and delivered with the same branding in vibrant colours with subtle tweaks for different services.  We are currently rebranding their website as they expand further so watch this space, Addvanced Solutions is taking over.