World Mental Health Day 2018

10th October 2018

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2018. The focus of this day this year, is on young people and their mental health in an ever changing world. 

Mental ill health often starts in young adulthood, it is written off in many respects as being part of puberty. It is vital that we give young people access to the support they need to grow up as happy, healthy and resilient adults in order to live a life which will flourish.  

At Welton Media, we work with many charities and organisations who focus on mental health in the community.  We feel privileged to guide and produce films which not only show the great work taking place in their organisations, but also the impact of this work.  

Many of these organisations have written literature which explains the work they do, the reasoning behind it and the outcomes attached, but a film shows this in action.  Getting real life face to face interviews with those who are impacted by specific intervention speaks louder than a million written words.

Many of the organisations we support with media marketing, work with people who have learning disabilities.  Children with a learning disability are more likely to experience mental health problems than children without a learning disability.  40% of adults with a learning disability have some sort of mental health problem (Mind 2016a; McManus et al. 2009; Jacobi et al. 2004).  It is therefore of paramount importance that people with learning disabilities are heard, that they feel valued and listened to.  

Every year, Pathways Associates organise a conference in Blackpool which celebrates the work going on in the North West for those with learning disabilities.  Agencies, services, social care providers, commissioners, the individuals themselves who are living in communities, get together for a three day event of workshops, planning and celebrations.  
The aim is to listen to people with learning disabilities as to what they want rather than services telling them what they need.  It is about promoting wellness to aid confidence and the ability to live a life which thrives.  Without conferences such as this, many of these people may be failed, leading to low mental health.  The whole experience from this event is awe inspiring, take a look and see.

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