Welton Media taking video marketing to new heights!

26th January 2018


Where can we take your company brand?

The world of media has really conquered the idea of using drones to their fullest extent with a lot of businesses using them to gain aerial shots which were once extremely difficult and also expensive.

Drones offer a certain quality of awe to the footage they produce, they leave the viewer captivated, wanting more. In fact it can give your video a completely new look. Our drone is able to fly into areas that were once not possible, giving more depth and field to a shot. They can fly from only a few centimetres off the ground to 400 feet in the air as one long continuous shot, giving the viewer the feeling of actually being there, part of the scene.

Drone footage is no longer an added extra, it is used as part of a normal days filming, it allows us to create a different look to a marketing video.

Get in touch to see how we can make more out of your marketing budget but gain much more of an impact.


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