Welton Media and the Giggle Shack

15th May 2018

Welton Media were commissioned to make this advert for social media in order to raise the presence online for The Giggle Shack.  Founded by Colin Havey in November 2017 in Helsby, the nights are proving to be a raging success.  So much so, that Colin and his team have now found a second venue at Beechwood Community Centre to keep the laughs coming to others in the area.  A third venue has also been booked for later in the year with known headliners.

Exposure on social media will allow more of the local community to see what is on their doorstep.  Without this kind of marketing, nights such as this will cease to exist with city centre venues being the choice of many for ease and also people expecting better laughs for their money.  Nights such as these at smaller, local venues often offer so much more and need the support of their communities, please follow thegiggleshack for more information


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