Valuing individuals with learning disabilities!

21st June 2017

Learning Disability Week 2017 (19-25 June) is here! This year mencap are focusing on improving employment prospects for people with a learning disability.

Around 8 in 10 working age people with a learning disability have one that's mild or moderate, but fewer than 2 in 10 are in employment. We want this to change, and with your support we can. 

To celebrate Learning disability week and mencap personally congratulating Future Directions CIC on their employment of individuals with learning disabilities, we would like to share with you 'Jorden's story.


Jorden started working in the Future Directions general office in 2010 and was supported by an external organisation who met with Jorden at his home and supported him with travelling to and from work and also supported Jorden during his working day. With the right support and time eventually his support hours decreased with Jorden only having the occasional one hour session with his support agency. In the work place Jorden’s day consisted of a pictorial ‘to do list’ with a weekly meeting with his line manager. Again with time this changed to standard weekly appointments in his online diary and a six weekly supervision and his working hours increased.

Jorden was then over time working on the reception welcoming people to the organisation and again with time was then answering internal calls.  After the right support Jorden’s confidence has grown whereby now he is working on reception at our main offices each day which includes answering all external and internal calls which has been a massive achievement for Jorden.

As Jorden’s well being has grown, he has joined other work colleagues to various evening events including mystery coach trips and evenings out in Manchester.

Jorden is a fantastic member of the administration team and is a well-loved member of Future Directions CIC.

Please watch Jorden's story in his own words.  A living case study such as this has immediate impact and is very powerful in showing an individuals progression with the use of support networks.


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