Craig's Story

10th November 2016

Forty years ago only 3% of those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer survived five years or more, today it is only 5% . Not much progress has been made! It has the lowest survival rate of all 21 common cancers.  

A chance meeting with Craig and Joan Lyons and their story, together with the help of Pancreatic Cancer Action, it enabled us to make a film to raise awareness of this disease in a bid to help save more lives in the future by gaining more research into early diagnosis.  November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, it was decided that Craig's Story should now be released in order to show how this disease is affecting real people everyday.

"Craig's Story is an incredible insight into the cruel reality of suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. In the film, Craig bravely reveals the deep emotional and physical effect of the disease from a patient's perspective.  As well as being raw and honest, it is also informative and effective. As it is highlighted in the video, pancreatic cancer, which has a shockingly low survival rate, does not get the attention it so desperately needs. This heart wrenching film will help make more people aware of pancreatic cancer, and help push the devastating impact of the disease into the limelight."             

Ali Stunt, Founder and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action


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